Lets take Ternate in to your Must Visit Diving Destination!

On May 13th 2015, Rima Saradiani Demensah with Risya Nurfitriani and Nesha Ichida represented Miss Scuba Indonesia to take part in an annual event held by Government of North Moluccas Province Tourism Office.  Kieraha Underwater Photography Competition 2014 was a competition for subsea enthusiast comprised of three categories of underwater photography: wide photography, macro photography, and human interest.  The aim of this competition is not solely to introduce the North Moluccas Diving Destination by capturing wide and macro photograph of its beautiful scenery, but also to emphasize the reachability of the amazing destination in North Moluccas and the amazing things you can discover on land and underwater. Interestingly, this event was also designed as community gathering which all participants could share their trip experience during this event and give their constructive opinion in order to improve tourism in North Moluccas. The participants were invited from all around Indonesia, especially the ones from Indonesia’s famous diving destination, such as Manado, Makassar, Bali, Labuan Bajo, and Jakarta.

Miss Scuba and All participants of Kieraha Underwater Photography Competition 2014

What do we contribute as Miss Scuba for this event, you may ask? Related to the event, which was an underwater photography competition, we were assigned to be models, especially for wide photography and human interest category. Interestingly, during these event we did not fully act just as conventional models, but we act as a normal divers who was on a diving trip so we can also freely explore the stunning underwater life of Ternate.

 There were 6 dive spots and each spots has its own uniqueness.  Those uniqueness has made our diving trip full of excitement and of course, more sophisticated! The committee and participants were also friendly thus making us enjoy this trip very much. During 3 days trip, we have visited 6 amazing dive spots, which are Kellet Point, Pastofiri Atoll, Babua Island, Swering Point, Florida, and Konde Cape.


Overall, the trip was awesome! Ternate represents the beauty of Indonesia natural scenery which is depicted from its perfect combination of the gorgeous mountain, lake, and sea views. Ternate also offers historical tourism by having plenty of fortresses. Ternate has the same quality of diving spots as the famous Bunaken or Komodo National Park, it just need to be supported with a massive publication of its stunning landscape, friendly people, and its affordable tourism facilities. A young generation who has a big influence on publicity using social media, it is the right time to market Indonesia’s tourism via viral social media posts, so people all around the world knows that Indonesia’s diving tourism is not only about Bali, Komodo, Bunaken, or Raja Ampat, but also we have Ternate which has the same level of awesomeness.

So, don’t wait too long! Ternate is waiting for you!